Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2014

No less than five Allards are entered for the 9th Historic Grand Prix of Monaco that takes place in the principality next weekend. The J2’s of Patrick Watts, Till Bechtolsheimer and Bob Francis are joined by the J2X’s of Italian Massimiliano Bettati and American Alan Patterson, in the ‘Serie C’ sports car race.

It is a little known fact that the 1952 Monaco Grand Prix was held for sports cars – Two J2X Allards were entered in the hands of Anthony Hulme from england and Fernando Mascarenhas from Portugal. The race hit the headlines because of a multiple pile-up at Ste Devote, involving the Reg Parnell Aston Martin DB3S, Stirling Moss’s C type Jaguar, Robert Manzon’s Gordini and the Hume J2X. Moss managed to restart and won the race, however, he was later disqualified from the results for receiving outside help from marshals. Vittortio Marzotto in a Ferrari took the laurels, from Eugenio Castelloti in a similar car. The below photo shows the aftermath of the Monaco mayhem with Hume extracting himself from the J2X.

The AOC wishes all drivers taking part a successful weekend – a full report of the results will follow.

Thanks to David Hooper for the feature. Photo credits to Michael Hewitt.