The very foundations of Allards is competition, so what events are the AOC Looking forward to in 2024?

Plenty of fun ranging from international and national race events to club level racing / sprinting / hill climbing and trials. Racing is catered for with events planned by the HSCC and FISCAR plus the odd event run by clubs like Bentley Drivers Club.

Sprinting and hill climbing sees plenty of events organised by MAC and BOC and other local localised club events, we are also organising five group events across the UK where we aim to get a minimum of six Allard competing at each event.

This will be happening at the 500 Owners Association at Wiscombe Park Hill Climb around the 18th / 19th of May, along with hill climb events at Prescott and Shelsley Walsh and sprint event at Curborough and a surprise location.

Plus for them that like getting out and muddy there will be the usual Trials organised by the VSCC, MCC and the Historic Sporting Trials Association (which is part of the HSCC).

Also there are plenty of other events organised through-out Europe and America which will be overseen by our local club members.