1946-47 Allard J1

Allard J1 Competition

Years of Manufacture: 1946/47
Numbers produced: 13

The J1 is small completion 2 seater powered by the Ford V8 engine with a 100 inch wheelbase. A total number of 13 J1’s were made and only 6 remain. Len Potter a well known trials driver ordered 3 J1’s including KBP 242. in which he won the Coupes Des Alpes in the 1946 Alpine Rally and many other eventsP. It is now owned and driven by club member James Smith and continues to compete in UK trials.

  • Wheelbase: 100 inches
  • Track Front: 56 inches
  • Track Rear: 52 inches
  • Weight: 18 cwt
  • Suspension Front: Transverse leaf
  • Suspension Rear: Transverse leaf
  • Shock absorbers Front: Andre Friction dampers
  • Shock absorbers Front: Girling PV6 Lever arm