The 1955 Allard Atom

Year of Manufacture: 1955
Numbers produced: 2

The Allard Atom originated through Wimbledon Speedway promoter Ronnie Greene, who discussed the idea with Sydney Allard of building a prototype 500cc JAP powered speedway car. As with the twin-engined Steyr Allard, the chassis was based around a lightweight channel section from the Allard Clipper parts bin. The car, with a wheelbase of just 64 inches used a motorcycle clutch assembly, 13” diameter Ford 100E wheels and a methanol tuned single cylinder JAP speedway engine. Only two examples were built as despite strong efforts, ‘midget car’ racing did not prove a success in the UK, and the concept was shelved.

Visit to see rare colour film of Sydney Allard towering over the miniscule racer as the first chassis is tested at Wimbledon Speedway.

The Atom in period

The Atom as it was when recently sold online