Production Touring Models

The Allard Motor Company produced a unique range of Touring models, all strong, simple and competitively priced for their ‘mass-market’ customers. Some models, primarily the M & P Type’s became extremely popular with a reputation for rugged reliability and solid performance – as a result, they sold in relatively high volume in Britain, Europe and the United States.

Ever innovative, the Allard Motor Company strived also to offer it’s customers new alternatives to ‘modern-day’ motoring, however, the infamous Allard Clipper was perhaps a little too ahead of it’s time. Powered by a 350cc Villiers two stroke motorcycle engine, it was of the world’s first ‘micro cars’. Produced in very low numbers, reputedly only one Clipper was sold – Rumour has it, that one intrepid Customer arrived at the Clapham works by taxi, cheerfully paid for his state-of-the-art micro car and immediately set off for his home in Scotland. That was the last time the Allard Motor Company saw, or even heard from, their one and only Clipper customer.