Production Sports Models

The range of Production Sports models offered Allard customers an interesting, ‘stand-out’ alternative British Sports Car to the popular Austin Healey, Triumph TR, or Jaguar XK. However, with perhaps the exception of Jaguar, an Allard customer was buying a performance car with proven competition heritage. For over a decade, the range of production Sports models offered by the Allard Motor Company, provided chassis technology and in most cases unrivalled V8 engine performance, born directly from the many racing miles that the Allard Motor Company clocked up through international motor sport at the highest level. Here were the refined ‘daily driver’ sports cars, derived directly from the brutal racing Allard’s such as the famed J2 and J2X.

These models allowed their owners to experience (to a responsible degree) the performance and sensations of a competition Allard – Having done so, they could then pick up their wife or girlfriend from the hair salon and then gently drive home with little risk to bouffant or beehive thanks to a full width windscreen, or in the case of the GT, the sublime luxury of a roof.