Angouleme Circuit des Remparts 2014

Two Allards were spotted in the sunny paddock at the famous street race in Angouleme, (South-West France), last September. The well-travelled black J2 of Patrick Watts, and the relatively unseen K2 of Frenchman Bruno Rigoli, which, with it’s striking green and black paint job, the car was difficult to miss !

As yet, it has been impossible to find final results for the event, the only real highlight we can report on is Patrick Watts misfortune during Sunday morning practice as victim of the infamous J2 ‘bonnet lift’ ! Strapped in and with his vision blocked by the piece of vertical and bent aluminium Patrick’s practice session came to an abrupt end. Many J2’s have fallen victim to this phenomenon, more often than not the result of high speed wind flow being unable to escape. With the twisty 1.3km Angouleme circuit being relatively slow in top speeds, we can only assume that, as usual, Patrick must have been pedaling quite quickly !