Allard’s hot-rod works truck!

Another nugget of Allard trivia from David Hooper is this outline drawing of the Allard Motor Company’s truck from c.1948/9. Unfortunately no photographic records of this unique Allard are known to exist, but we do know that the attractive design was built from the remains of an accident damaged Allard P1 or M type. The truck was never taxed, spending it’s days on trade registration plates. 

Famed for being at the time perhaps the fastest truck in South London, due to it’s relative light-weight, and V8 engine, it was subsequently very capable of surprising many unsuspecting car drivers away from the traffic lights!

David reports that this was perhaps the reason as to why the truck met its doom – It is rumoured that there was an a heated battle away the lights against a Jaguar – a short distance after the take-off the works truck got a little too close while the Jaguar braked and contact was made!

The names of Paddy Murphy and Allan Tilley have been associated to the event as those who were intent on holding up Allard competition honour ! To those who may have a photo or further details of the truck please make contact.