Quick-Change Drawing 2643A

In May 2010 the history of the Allard Quick-Change axle was subject of an article in the Allard Register, and towards the end of the article I had speculated that some of the un-machined casings were “no doubt gathering dust somewhere”.

Earlier this year I had an email from Clive Prew of the Stomberg Carburetor Company who had purchased a set of the un-machined casings, and he was trying find a copy of the original machining drawings. Sadly I did not have any of these drawings, but had a very faded dyeline print of my full size sectioned drawing. It may be possible that someone in the world does have these drawings, which unusually were ink on cloth – not the usual Allard style tracing paper? I got my local Plan Shop to do a copy plus a scan, and I sent my original to Clive whose CAD team improved its readability which gave me the opportunity to re-drawn my faded copy. Drawing number 2643A is now 99% restored, and can be downloaded below.

Download 2643A-quick-change here (3.8MB).