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    Ben Stevens

    Thank you to everyone who was either attending or supporting online our efforts at Wiscombe Park yesterday and congratulations to our winner Geoff Pinch with a time of 58 seconds.  Only Mark Brett in the Ballamy also managed to get sub-60s with Jon, James and myself hovering just above the 60 mark.  Simon was the most improved driver of the day managing to knock over 10 seconds off his first time.

    There are a load of pictures and will soon be a proper write up of the event here:

    Please do share your stories and thoughts of the day in this thread though, and I will collate it all into one article.  I’ll also write my own account of the day in the next day or two (once it starts raining here – lovely and sunny at the moment!)

    Jon Langley

    Thanks for posting this Ben,
    I had an absolutely fantastic day until the last run of the day that is, but everyone knows that story!
    It was an honour and great fun to Drive Dave Lovey’s old K up the hill, and I hope he was smiling down on me, or laughing.
    His racing gloves kept me company in the car as a fitting tribute to a very missed member of the AOC.
    It was an absolute blast from start to finish, and the Allard supporters gave much support (mostly mick taking) but support it was indeed and thank you to Jane Warburton, Fiona Gough and Pina Brett for the usual female humour and their smiles and friendly banter was enjoyed by everyone. The cakes provided from Fiona’s oven went down a storm.

    Looking forward to Prescott next weekend.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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