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    Tim Wilson

    Hi, all: this (below) is a link to a seminar on E10 fuel, hosted by the FBHVC recently. The significant portion of the event starts about 27 minutes in and the chap presenting the input has had a long career in the petro-chemicals industry. Fascinating for me, and l duly note the stated issues around the impact of E10 on carb internals, fuel lines (including copper piping), ‘leaning out’ of the fuel during the combustion process (which may be critical because of the resultant extra heat engendered in our often hot-running Ford V8 engines). Above all, it seems the crucial thing is to avoid getting water into our petrol systems; anyway, l tanked 97 octane (a max. of 5% Ethanol content) at my local petrol station this am. See what you think… Tim.

    Ben Stevens

    following a comment by Dave Loveys about E10 attacking solder I found this article which does mention solder, albeit in the context of soldered carb floats…so possibly worth investigating further:



    Good morning all. I have just spent the last hour and a half watching and listening to the attached seminar on E10 fuels. Probably one of the most educating hour and a half for many years. Do click onto this link. Our American members have been using E10 for some time. I would like to hear if any of our American members have had problems, as a consequence of E10, or are there alternatives in America? Also E10 petrol has been in use across Europe for some time. Have any of our European members had any problems, or is there an alternativ in Europe?
    Side valve engines are able to cope with poorer quality fuel, and they are ideally suited to L.P.G. I have considered for some time converting my P1 to run on L.P.G. The availability of this has held my hand over this step. Several years ago i was delivering to a regular customer, who was extolling the virtues of his Brand new Fork lift. Out of curiosity we were looking over this new machime, and i was surprised to fin installed a side valve engine, apparently much moere suited to run on L.P.G. than O.H.V. engines. (The suppliers claim). Since then i have offence wondered if i should gas the P1.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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