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    Tim Wilson

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Just heard that Tony Dron died on Tuesday. He was 75; a sad loss. A real Boys’ Own Paper hero, he was an entertaining writer and journalist, editor of Classic Car mag. in the 80s/90s – and an outstanding racing and classic rally driver. Group Porsche racing cars were his forte and he was a strong contender at Le Mans – and later, in Triumph TRs, at Le Mans Classique, where he drove for the TR Register ‘for 500 quid and as much beer as he wanted to drink’ (quote Paul Hogan). In the 70s Tony had campaigned to victory for BL (Triumph), the rather unsuited twin cam Dolomite – usually against the odds and much more powerful machinery. He was also an Allard afficionado and his descriptions of racing/testing the J2X are highly entertaining. A thoroughly decent fellow, who will be much missed. Tim.</p>

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