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    Tim Wilson

    Hi, all: l thought it might be useful to share this with you. As well as the AOC, I am also a member of the TR Register.

    Everyone in the classic car world is trying to ascertain what the advent of E10 will do to our fuel systems and engines. ln light of this, this evening the TR Register hosted an online seminar using Zoom, on this very subject.

    The presenter, Paul lreland, is a fuels scientist who has researched long and in meticulous detail, on the potential impact of E10 and ethanol more generally,  on the future of our cars. As the long-term owner of a ’49 MGTC, he has a vested interest! He spoke for an hour, clearly and without use of jargon or esoteric terms, utilising graphs, drawings and photos, and then fielded related questions for a while. It was a fascinating, informative and highly useful session. The TR Register is due to host him for two further seminars on fuel issues, during this summer

    Fellow zoomers (125 took part) were clearly delighted with this event. The talk and ensuing QAs illustrated that there has been much false catastrophising about E10 – but there are also real potential problems which nevertheless, we can take steps to address and ward off.

    Paul lreland asks for donations to a charity providing educational infrastructure for children in Africa. Proceeds from his book ‘Classic cars/modern fuels’ also go to this good cause.

    I can provide more details, if anyone at AOC is interested!  Tim.

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