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    Ben Stevens

    I thought I’d start a thread here to capture some of the things we’ve done to try and find the cause of the strange rattling noise that’s started on my P1.  It sounds a bit like a small screwdriver being wiggled in the neck of a glass jam jar.

    I first noticed it a few weeks ago and thought it might be pinking.  Not having any high pitched hearing though I wasn’t 100% certain so decided to check the timing to eliminate that (after emptying the dash and looking for loose nuts & bolts etc).

    I took it to a friendly classic garage (Tim Whelock at where they had a digital timing gun and Tim confirmed I had 10 degrees at idle, rising to about 26 at 3000 rpm.  But… the odd thing was that the curve wasn’t a curve – it was a step that suddenly jumped.

    This was confirmed at Wiscombe Park when Jon (Langley) & Mark (Brett) checked it again.  At around 1800 rpm it suddenly jumped, peaking at around 30 degrees.

    We then noticed that the mark we’d made previously with a sharpie on the distributor sleeve before adjusting anything had moved – the sleeve was loose and had spun around!

    Jon also concluded that the TDC mark must be incorrect because at idle and his timing gun set to 10 degrees you could not see the mark.  At this stage we gave up and Jon just set it up completely by ear so I could do my last timed run, and I decided to take it back down to Jim Turnbull to fit a replacement dizzy and see if that solved it.  Jim is also going to check the TDC mark and confirm that’s in the right place.

    Oh and we already tried gently pushing on the clutch when driving to take up the pressure on the bearings and eliminate the throwout bearing.

    If anyone has experience of a timing curve not being a curve though I’d love to hear

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