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    Ben Stevens

    Apparently my P1 radiator is full of holes and I’ve been quoted about £450 to have it re-cored.  Seems a bit steep since you can buy new radiators allegedly suitable for Flatheads for about £200 online.

    Has anyone replaced their radiators or can maybe offer some advice?  I’m not sure how good these cheaper ones would be, or maybe they’re better / more efficient being a 70 years more modern design?

    Perhaps I need to shop around for re-coring?  I’ve emailed Jim T but got no response.

    Tim Wilson

    Hi, Ben: l had my early-type radiator recored (with extra tubes) by a Newcastle firm about 3 yrs ago. This cost me ca. £450. So l don’t think you’re being robbed. I’m fairly sure the Allard rad. was/is a specialist unit, so maybe that’s why it’s more of a job than an equivalent Ford item.  Tim.


    Hi Ben, I had bought a new radiator but it turned out a real disappointment. I than decided to have the original one restored. The price quote seems very reasonable to me ( I paid more) . With a good restoration you keep the car closer to original. I am really happy I decided to do the restoration, it looks ten times better than something new


    Ben Stevens

    Really good responses, thanks chaps. I’ve got a couple of quotes coming soon I hope, but definitely leaning very much towards re core now. My priority is really to get the best cooling performance I can and it seems this might be the best way.

    Michael Knapman


    Your question has been answered but it might be worth adding that the cheap ones are made in China for the Ford flathead. I don’t know yet how good their quality is.
    The radiators in the Ford flatheads and Ford Pilot are much taller than Allard ones. Maybe that is one of  the reason why Allards tend to overheat.
    Also there are two heights of Allard rads. The tallest was used in the P1 and the shorter one in the K2, J2 , J2X.


    Hello Ben

    My radiator cost £400 some years back and was done by Arrow Radiators, as others have said your price is not to bad, Kind regards

    Charles Gough

    Ben Stevens

    Well I decided in the end to just go for it with the local company.  They were well recommended and do seem to have done a good job, the finish is lovely so hopefully once I get the car running next month (fingers crossed) it will turn out to work as well as it looks.

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