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    Geoff Pinch

    We attended the Resto Show at the NEC over the last weekend. Mel Herman started the organisation process in 2020 but had to hand over to Jon Langley in January. We hoped to have four cars on the stand and to strive towards the excellence Mel has established over the years, generating interest in Allards and the AOC. In the event Ben Stevens and Dave Loveys could not attend having been to the AOC Dinner the weekend before and subsequently affected by the virus.

    James Smith drove his L Type up from Putney on Thursday afternoon and Jon Langley and Geoff Pinch bought the body and repaired ex-Chris Sole K1 on its dolly.

    James can be seen discussing his 24 stud engine with an admirer, whilst Mike Knapman, Josh Sadler and Jon are enjoying a well earned cup of coffee. The open area of the stand allowed free circulation of show attendees and the body, chassis and L Type attracted many visitors.

    You can see from the Morgan stand in front of us that there is much less “resto” this year and much more “show”, but all three Morgans seem to get into the swing of things and had to be fixed for real before they could be driven home. James on the other hand was home in London after a trouble free trip down the M40.

    On Sunday James and Jon challenged each other to encourage as many of the fairer sex to try James L Type drivers seat  and in the hours until lunchtime there was much laughter as James and Jon went forth to ask if they would like to try out an Allard for size.

    This is Emma and her team from RH Insurance.

    And here is James with another happy prospective Allard owner. Counting from the pictures I think they managed a combined 30 of the fairer sex who have now sat in an Allard. It was light-hearted, great fun and much enjoyed by everyone.

    Mike Knapman asked which car we’d all like to take home and we most agreed the yellow TVR Cerbera would be great.

    It transpires this car was actually restored by AOC member Vince Mills of Scole Engineering in Diss. The one team member who had another preference was James and his favoured vehicle is below.

    James unfortunately fell foul of the new bureaucracy that increasingly permeates NEC events, since the NEC was sold into private ownership. He was chased at high speed around the NEC complex before being apprehended. According to the story we’re telling anyway!

    Thanks to Josh, David Moseley, Mike, James, Tim Wilson and Rick Newman for supporting over the three days and help answering all of the questions.



    Ron Dowle

    Great to see so many of you there, lets hope that we can do the same next year.

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