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    david Moseley


    Here is a link to an article on the P1 which was in Classic Car weekly. It was most complementary about the car though the valuation at the end seemed a bit off the wall.

    A good read if you have not alreadt seen it

    Tim Wilson

    Nice article, David; and indeed a lovely car. Astonishingly low price guide at the end. And from the photo it looks like a 24-stud engine, so that would be 3.9 litres, at least, surely? No wonder it’s reported to keep up well with modern traffic!

    Ben Stevens

    Seems like I’ve been had, my father in law over charged me. If I’d known I’d have just bought a concourse one for 6k haha.

    A lovely read though about the handling etc, I just hope mine drives that well.

    Slightly off topic, but the extension to my garage is now almost complete and the bead roller and box pan folder have arrived, as has the sheet metal so next week I’m hoping to start looking at some panels.

    Must pull my finger out and write a proper post on my progress…


    Yes, where on earth did they get those prices from ?

    Wrong by a factor of 3, or 4 ?

    Still extraordinarily underpriced cars.

    Peter Love

    This is the car I own today, ‘The Blue Lady’ which I am replacing the floor right at this moment. I have just had various items like the transmission cover power coated. You can follow all what is going on with this P1 which has a working heater in the AOC Tailwagger and was supplied new with a radio. Yours PL

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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