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    Ben Stevens

    Ok so this is probably a really daft question but it’s the first of many so here goes…

    What are the best points to jack my P1 up on?  I’m guessing not the differential or axles tubes?  I want to get axle stands under the chassis but there’s no obvious central point to lift the rear end.

    It may be that there was once a suitable cross member behind the fuel tank but that’s no longer there thanks to the post-fire modifications and chassis shortening!


    Ben, I use the welded in side jacking points and pop a stand in either under the chassis rails or under the outer ends of the axle tubes.

    I see no problem in actually jacking under the outer ends of the chassis tubes, they are designed to take the cars weight via the hubs anyway. It also gets the car in the air quicker because you don’t have to unload the spring first before it starts lifting the car.

    It’s not recommended to use the underside of the diff although I bet many have done.

    All to be done with the greatest of care of course and ensure the car is stable and well supported before venturing underneath.

    Tim Wilson

    Ben, l generally use the axles (front and rear) themselves, towards their outer ends. Spread the load a bit, with small wood blocks between the jack and the axle itself. Hth.


    Ben Stevens

    Brilliant, thanks. I knew the diff was not ideal. Happy to use axle ends now. I always use wooden blocks too, saves scratching the (very rusty) chassis haha


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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