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    Me again.

    Reverse, first and neutral super-easy to find and select.

    Second and third a little less co-operative.

    Wondering if the linkage rod is supposed to be bent as per the attached photo ?

    Or indeed if there’s another solution to make these two gears easier ?


    Hello Russel, I believe the small adjuster rods should be straight. Also check that there is no excessive play in the lower rubber bushes (the ones fitted to the gear change column arms). Any slack in this area will lesson the amount of movement the rods will have to engage a gear.

    Hope the picture helps, kind regards Charles GoughGear linkage




    Thank you Sir.

    Ben Stevens

    Since I swapped my gearbox for a modern 5 speed I’ve got this wall ornament in my garage which you could have if you like? 


    Yes please Squire. Away at the moment, I’ll call you on my return if that’s OK.

    Ben Stevens

    No problem, my number is in the year book which you should get in the post any day now.  Ping me a message by WhatsApp / Text / Email and we can sort it out.


    Thank you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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