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    Ben Stevens

    Right, I’m stuck on a train back from London so going to try and write an update post on my phone.

    My brother has almost finished the extension to my garage which will free up enough space for my new bead roller and box pan sheet metal folder. I’ll also have a bench with a second vice (to add to all my other vices haha) and more storage – after all you can never have too much! I’ll also have a slightly bigger door so should reduce the stress when reversing out.

    One rear wing is now completely aligned with a fillet to bridge the gap between the inner wing Jim Turnbull made and the actual desired position of the wing. The second will hopefully be done in time for the show.

    I’ve bought some 6mm steel rod which I’m going to use to form a wire frame buck so when I’m making the panels for the roof I can be sure it flows properly and that both sides broadly match each other. Hoping to have some of that done by the show too but we’ll see.

    I’ve bent / cut and welded the box section to run across the top of the doors and will tack that in place next week.

    So making good progress, and I’ll share some more pictures once I’ve sorted out the chaos that is my garage at the moment!

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