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    Ben Stevens

    Finally, the long awaited (maybe) update on my P1 fastback…

    After the car came back from Jim Turnbull’s still minus an engine…I’ve fitted the floor, fabricated a gearbox cover, adjusted the B pillars and hung the doors, and mocked up one A pillar out of MDF (which was a bugger to do with all kinds of horrible curves in it!).  I’ve also corrected the seatbelt mounting posts to the right angle, and the same with the windscreen pillar posts so can see how it looks with the original front edge of the roof in place.

    I’ve yet to put the seat in and sit on it with a helmet on to check if I can lower the roof a bit so the bendy bit of wood was just to see how a roof line might look with the original windscreen on.

    I’ll write a proper update for the next Tailwagger but here are some pictures for you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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