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    Ben Stevens

    I have a Facet Gold fuel pump and would expect it to whir away when I turn the ignition on and then go quiet once enough pressure has built up. Mine just carries on going. And going. And going.
    The one I had on my Series One Land Rover used to whir for a few seconds and then stop, until you started the engine at least.

    No fuel is leaking out anywhere and it all seems to work ok, it’s just noisy. Aside from putting in a switch somewhere (which would be an additional security feature too) it just doesn’t seem right?

    I’m pretty certain a few other owners have this pump – do yours keep on going or do they stop after a few seconds?


    The Face runs continually unlike say an SU which has a pressure switch.

    I suggest you fit a pressure regulator and adjust it to suit your engine’s fuel system.


    Tim Wilson

    No cause for concern, Ben. I fitted a Facet pump last April, as suggested by Jim Turnbull, when l abandoned the old-school AC/SU system. And yes, the new pump whirrs away continuously from ign. switch-on, whether or not the engine is running – unlike, say, an SU which ticks away until the carb float chambers are full. I’m not sure why the Facet does this or what’s going on ‘under the metal’ while it does so. I just got used to the new characteristic – let’s face it (or ‘let’s Facet’!), there are so many other extraneous noises when the Flathead is running, that one extra clatter hardly seems to matter :D. I’m assuming that Jim T also fitted a fuel-pressure regulator while he did the work on your car, so he’ll have set it at the prescribed level. So just put a heavier-duty set of earplugs in, when you start up! Tim.

    Geoff Pinch

    Ben, depending on the gold model you have, they appear to run at a max of 8psi and as low as 2psi. From your video I can see that Jim has fitted a pressure regulator on the bulkhead so that is probably keeping fuel to the carb below 3psi. I’ve run facet pumps on lots of different cars and they always run continuously as far as I am aware. Useful on a race car to hear it working, but maybe you need a little more insulation as well as the cotton reel rubber feet they come with? Once the bodywork is on and sound insulated I’m sure you won’t hear a thing…..

    Rick Newman

    Hi Ben i have the same pump on mine and it does run allĀ  the time,i have fitted a cut off switch under the dash so i can switch the pump off if i need to do any work on the car with ignition on.

    Ben Stevens

    That’s a great idea, I don’t have a reserve on my tank any more (the solenoid switch was knackered) so can use the “Petrol” switch that I have for this purpose.

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