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    My K2 has a 4.2 ford flat head engine which a started to miss fire. it pops and bangs in the exhaust and will cut out altogether. I have tried the following without success :-

    New spark plugs.  New electronic distributor.  new battery. new direct earth wiring.

    The fuel is getting though fine. Can anyone please help me?

    Many thanks,



    Ben Stevens

    HI Dave,

    If you’re able to join the club social zoom call at 6pm next Tuesday there will definitely be a number of members on there who will be able to offer many suggestions.

    Alternatively you may get some on here before then. Sadly my mechanical knowledge is somewhat lacking so I can’t offer any insight.

    Tim Wilson

    Hi, David: from my own recent experiences with a sudden affliction of misfire/engine dying, might it be worthwhile trying a new 1.5 ohm coil?  Also, on my car (twin 97s), the fuel was getting through and the pressure was accurately regulated; but in my case it was the actual volume of pumped fuel which was low, contributing to my grief.

    The other thing worth checking is the entire length of the fuel line including at the tank outlet union, for blockages. As Ben says, the Social Zoom session next Tuesday would be worth joining, to get lots of good advice. Contact David Moseley for an invitation to the AOC Zoom. Tim.

    Tim Wilson

    And l forgot this one, David: what octane fuel are you using? I have stopped using 95 in all my old cars, now, because of the suspect ingredients, including 10% ethanol, in ordinary unleaded. Hth. Tim.


    Many thanks to you all. I will let you know how I get on. Dave


    Good evening David. Just a suggestion. Try running the engine in darkness. You may be able to see the problem by flashes of electricity. If all is well there shouldn’t be anything visible. I would also check that the plug leads are correctly connected. I have in the past muddled the leads up with some spectacular running resulting.



    One other thing. Try another distributor cap  and separately if that doesn’t work another rotor.

    Neil Bennett

    The first thing that springs to mind is fuel starvation. Having suffered a very similar problem in the midst of competition at Shelsley Walsh, the problem was eventually isolated to a short length of cotton-covered fuel hose which had gone porous under the effect of crap petrol (ethanol) and was allowing the pump to pull air, not fuel.

    Good luck with it. Neil.



    Many thanks for your suggestions, all of which I have tried. Geoff Pinch suggest that it could a sticking exhaust valve, which I thought made sense. I have both heads off and the valves are fine.

    New gaskets have just arrived and will be fitted tomorrow, then more head scratching.

    I have obtain all of my parts from O’Neil’s Vintage Ford, whom I have found to be excellent.

    Ron Dowle

    David, sorry I can’t add any ideas. Just think at least it will get you out of the washing up over the holidays.

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