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    Ron Dowle

    Odd question, Has any one found a way to connect a remote hydrolic fluid reservoir to the standard master combined brake cylinder / reservoir on a K1. I want to fit a reservoir to the bulkhead and run a pipe down to the top-up cap by the brake peddle arraignment.


    Quite simple really. Drill and put a fitting into the mc cap and pipe it to the remote reservoir which shouldbe at a higher level than the mc normlly on the engine’s bulkhead.

    Geoff Pinch

    It’s a problem Morris Minor owners solve and I have used a kit for a Moggy similar to this one on eBay:


    Having fitted it in future I’d replicate using quality components. Getting a good seal on the master cylinder cap and the new fitting is important but I’m sure there are elegant solutions that would connect to the pipe to the master cylinder cap without the plastic pipe heading straight up. On the Morris the floor was too close to allow a sweep for the plastic pipe and I used plastic right angle joiner onto a short piece of pipe to make it work better.


    Ron Dowle

    Many thanks all. one or two ideas plus positive comments from last weeks social ZOOM. so Its off with the floor next.

    Ben Stevens

    I’d be very curious to know how you get on as I’ll almost certainly want to fit something like this…once I’ve actually got some brakes to attach it to!  So please do post updates on here, pictures would be brilliant too 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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