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    Ben Stevens

    Can anyone give me some pointers on installing a brake fluid reservoir?

    I spoke to Paul at PowerTrack and he said the one they offer is about £40 yet you can get them for about £12 for plastic or £20 for aluminium (even in black) online so I’m unsure what the difference is.  Also I’m unsure what other parts I’d need.

    Questions I have include:
    1) Solid or flexible hose?  I’ve heard plastic host can “sweat” brake fluid?
    2) How to connect to the master cylinder?  Banjo or drill & tap through the screw on filler cap on top?
    3) If drilling through the cap, presumably I’d then need a pipe running down into the liquid?  Unsure how to make this.

    I don’t have far to go since I can mount the reservoir on the drivers side of the scuttle where the old electrics used to be mounted, since I now have a fuse box / relays etc inside the car, so could easily run copper pipe from the master cylinder to the reservoir.

    I’d really appreciate if anyone has photos of their set up to share, or even better links to sites where I can buy the parts I’d need.

    Ron Dowle

    Ben. I use an aluminium reservoir usually used by the drift / sprint boys. Cost about £12. Not sure about the pipe. I am using SAE J1527 – ISO 7840-A1 marine grade which I have been told is OK for brake fluid. I hope some one can confirm that this is correct

    Ben Stevens

    for anyone who’s interested, this is what i used to connect my reservoir to the master cylinder


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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