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    Hello Everyone,


    The inaugural Heritage trial is being held at Crewkerne on the 4th July

    it has been organised by Martyn Halliday who runs the Historic Sporting Trials Association.

    He has recognised the need for a trial that allows “ pre-fiddle brake” cars to compete against each other on tracks that while challenging are not too rocky or rutted!!

    Martyn has asked me to try to generate enthusiasm amongst Allard owners who could bring their J’s , prewar specials and possibly L, K and M’s.

    There is a lot of interest from the Dellow brigade who are itching to enter ones the forms are sent out in May

    it would be fantastic for us Allard owners to burble over the horizon.

    if anyone needs more info feel free to ask and I will speak to Martyn.

    barring any unforeseen problems I will take the J1 down the night before.

    I can think of 4 maybe 5 cars already that would be perfect and will ask Mike if he knows of any others lurking in the shadows

    jeremy bennett


    Ben Stevens

    I don’t have a roadworthy Allard for this but I do live about 5 miles away so will definitely be going.  Do you have an exact location yet?


    Hello Ben

    i will let you know the location next week.what Allard do you have?


    Ben Stevens

    Hi Jeremy,

    It’s this one, a modified P1 coupe / hotrod which is currently in many pieces!

    Tim Wilson

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The event sounds good fun. Still a bit of a hike from Newcastle , but who knows, once l’ve got the Special properly run-in?</p>
    And l do like that car, Ben! Tim. : )

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