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    Its seems The big Green Car is almost ready to be driven.

    Apart from copious quantities of E5, what else are people putting in their P1’s V8s ?

    Peter Keen

    Tesco super unleaded and Millers lead substitute, was surprised at the consumption, doesn’t seem to drink as heavily as I thought.Cheers Peter

    Tim Wilson

    Hi, Russell: l’m now on E5 Super Unleaded with my 21-stud engine, and lubrication via Halfords 20/50 oil. Currently not using additive, but keeping a weather eye on what turns out to be most recommended.

    The TR Register has spent a fair bit of time on assessing the risks of running E10 in our old systems and seems to be in favour of renewing rubber hoses first: J30 R9 appears to be the best ethanol resistant piping. A chap called Paul Ireland has written a book on the issue – and released a video of a seminar on ethanol’s potential danger.

    I posted this vid. up here on our Forum last year, and it is worth a look. The very latest info seems to be that we perhaps shouldn’t worry as much as some of us have, since plastic and tin, solder and copper components appear not to be ravaged as seriously as initially thought.

    The big thing is to avoid water getting into your tank,  bearing in mind that ethanol is hygroscopic in its effect. If people wish, l could ask the TR Register for permission to publish their article in the latest magazine.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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