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    Ben Stevens

    CHRIS SOLE COLLECTION: Project #1 M Type
    Price: £16,000

    First registered 8/4/49. Chris Sole acquired on 2/9/12. Previous owner Colin Charles Humphreys, Barnstaple, acquired on 27/7/07. 2 previous owners. The V5 is present so ownership can be transferred on purchase.

    The car is the ex-Roger Reece M, that was converted to have an Alvis 4 speed box, positioned behind the rear of the cruciform and connected to the engine by a shaft running through an empty 3 speed side change box to a rotoflex coupling. This necessitated a new crossmember to support the rear of the Alvis gearbox and shortening of both the torque tube and the rear radius arms.

    The historic interest of this car is understood, but close inspection has revealed the conversion leaves much to be desired.

    This M has now been reverted to a standard M chassis. (If someone wishes to purchase the removed gearbox and all other associated parts, please let me know asap.)

    There is a rebuilt wooden frame for the complete body as well as remade door and boot frames.

    We have pulled together as complete a kit as we possibly can from the large parts pile that was collected and have constructed a dolly to mount the chassis as well as an upper frame with box to safely store parts in large plastic boxes.

    There is a new wiring loom, replacement front glass, bare front seat frames, hood hoops, brightware and most other parts to complete the car, as far as we can ascertain. There is no hood and the old one is not present to copy. Others have had new hoods made, so there is experience available from within the AOC to assist.

    There is a 21 stud engine which has been inspected and looks to be in usable condition, albeit a full rebuild would be recommended. The side change gearbox is attached to the engine, the column change mechanism is present as is the torque tube. Front and rear wings, nose cone, bonnet and a reasonable waterfall grill are present. The latter would benefit from having the chrome redone.

    We also have a large box pallet filled with much of the wood taken from the old body and this is available to be taken with the car to aid the next steps in completing the body.

    Any one interested can view not far from Bath. Price includes the dolly and all boxes.


    Project M Type engineProject M Type Project M type panels in bootProject M type boxes of bits

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