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    Ben Stevens

    Taken from the AOC WhatsApp chat archives

    Dom: This might qualify as ‘random chat’…but is really just me asking for help (again). The L has an internally rusty fuel tank and is serving up helpings of fine rust to the filters. Normally I’d do the super easy thing and just buy a new tank but (presumably) that isn’t an option and so I’m wondering if you can recommend either a diy kit like Holdens sell or if anyone has sent theirs out for repair? I guess the other thing is have a custom one made up. Dominic

    Ben: For what it’s worth I’ve heard that the liquid linings you can pour in might not like E10 fuel / ethanol so maybe better just to remove, wash out with gravel & water then re fit? That might be terrible advice though so I’m prepared to be shot down! ????

    Charles: Hello Dom just to make you aware there are some baffle plates in the tank so liquid cleaner of sorts is best

    Dom: Yes I was wondering about that and there wasn’t much info but I did see that some people had experienced a coating (Re-NU) cracking up inside.

    Dom: Thanks again Charles. So it looks like just a good clean, maybe using the products in the kits but stop short of applying the coating phase.

    Charles: I can not remember what I used to clean the tank out with. I think one of the fuel tank cleaner should be ok . I got most of the crud out but there’s still a bit left in there. Just check the brass gauze is ok on the pick up pipe and you should be ok ,

    Tom: Dom, go to Frosts and look at the POR 15 products. Metal Prep sorts out rust. Unless it’s leaking I would think very carefully about tank liner. It’s not easy to do well. But I can recommend the POR 15 product if you really have to. I would say only if it has pin holes. And evebmn then, I would solder up pin holes if there aren’t many.
    If I was you I would put half a gallon of paraffin and a small bucket of washed gravel in the tank, and spend as long as you are physically able, in bursts of 2 to 3 minutes, shaking it side to side while rotating it.
    Do it a few times then change the paraffin and keep going till no more rust comes out.
    Then swill it out with petrol and BYU.
    Then *fit* *a* *fuel* *filter* in the fuel line. Just a cheap plastic one, somewhere you can get at it. Buy 2 and keep one handy.

    Tom: If you have pin holes bring it up to me and I ll solder them up. It’s great fun!
    Tom: If you are worried about baffles just use the Frosts Metal Prep

    Dom: As far as I know it isn’t leaking so hopefully will get away with dealing with the crap inside. Thanks a lot for this Tom. I saw a quick video with someone using the metal prep (and a marine cleaner prior to that) so I’ll give that a go…. Might get my son to do the swilling around and save my arms ????

    Mike: Dom, you can ask Lloyd at Allard Sports Cars if he could make you a new tank in aluminium or stainless. It might be cheaper in the long run and he has made them before. He will need your old tank as a pattern.

    Dom: Thanks Mike, I did actually speak to him earlier today but I think they are busy with vapour blasting machines etc and not looking to take this kind of thing on at the moment despite having done so in the past.

    Mike: Dom, I thought that might be the case. Thanks for the heads up.

    James: Dom, I sent the tank on my J1 out for repair to a specialist and the blew it up. Luckily nobody was killed. I tried tank sealer on my L Type many years ago and it was not a success. I eventually I had a new one made in aluminium and that has been good. About half the weight of a steel one.

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