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    Ben Stevens

    Firstly, I was hoping someone can confirm whether there were two different types of P1 front wing?

    I have seen what appear to be some P1s with an outer front wing which is bolted directly to a wing hoop, with a larger / longer rear bracket and with a side panel running directly upwards from the hoop. On others the wing hoop is further inwards with the rear end meeting the bulkhead rather than passing alongside it, and with the side panel intersecting the top of the wing itself.
    See the pictures below for my analysis…

    On Darell’s / Pelham Riley’s car you can see the longer rear bracket, and the fact that the hoop seems to be vertically below the edge of the bulkhead.

    This is the P1 for sale in Southend (I think) that Peter Love used to own.

    This is Dave Lovey’s P1 showing where the rear of the wing is cut out to intersect the bulkhead.  There is no long wing hoop bracket like on Darell’s pale blue one.  I wonder whether the hole in the corner of the wing is where it was originally bolted to a longer wing hoop?

    Dave’s car again looking upwards.

    Not sure whose car this is, but the wing looks like it might be mounted further inwards so there’s less gap between the tyre sidewall and the edge of the wing?

    This is my car showing the large gap between the tyre and the edge of the wing.  My wing hoops run alongside the bulkhead.  They are too long to be any further inwards.

    So help…. can anyone shed any light on this?  Have I got it completely wrong somehow?

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