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    I am restoring one of my Allards and need to rebuild the dashboard.

    does anyone have a dashboard or the drawings , contours of a dashboard. In last case I can remake one myself with the right contours. It is for an L type.





    Hi Dik,
    The L type and K1 dash is the same and I’m attaching a pic of the K1 dash.
    Note that unlike other models the gauges are set behind the timber dash not into it.
    I also have a dimensioned drawing of the gauge and instrument positioning but it is in PDF format which this site won’t accept here.
    Email me and I will reply attaching it plus a few other images showing how the dash is fixed.
    You will need to measure your own car for the overall size because most cares differ and the dashboard will need to be trimmed to suit.

    Ben Stevens

    whilst on the subject, and hopefully not hijacking it too much…does anyone know where I can get a speedometer replacement / get mine rebuilt with the Allard logo on?


    Ben, your P would not have had fhe Cooper Stewart speedo with the Allard logo it would havs been the Smiths unit.

    Both are difficult to find and expensive if you do, about ££200  – £300 for a good one.

    Alvis TC-TF series used the same unit with a different bezel which youmight be able to change. I may have one if you get stuck.

    I featured an excellent instrument restorer in the Autumn Tailwagger who I can recommend.



    Michael Knapman


    Smiths speedos and other instruments can be restored by Speedograph Richfield,
    Rollestan Drive, Arnold, NottinghamNG5 7JR. They tend not to have fixed prices but will provide estimates when the instrument(s) received.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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