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    Ron Dowle

    A few weeks ago I asked the question on the forum. What do you read ? And what do you think is the best Automobile magazine. Well now here’s a new question. What is your favourite film ? And how many films do we know with Allard cars. I know Mike Knapman knows a few. So what is your favourites ? Ron


    Rick Newman

    Dont watch many films as i tend to fall asleep in the middle but if i had to pick a couple then 1 would be 2 lane black top and the other would be grease.

    Peter Love

    Well talking about films and changing the subject late last night on Talking pictures showed a 1958 b/w film called ‘The Key’ featuring William Holden and Sophie Loren all about the Royal Navy steam tugs during the battle of the Atlantic against the U-boats. Lots of original film of the tugs trying to hitch up to the cargo boats on fire to tow them in and so much more. Apparently they made three endings to the film there is lots of transport in it, but no Allards!. Yours Peter Love

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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