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    Loading the Allard onto trailer :- This is our Allard M Type 1949 as bought. It was stored in Avebury and is being loaded onto a trailer in December 2009 hence the snow on the ground, the journey starts.

    Loading the Allard M Type on the trailer

    The Allard M Type on the trailer



    Engine out :- Taking the engine out for the final time, this was August 2010. The wood work that you can see was put on and off many times together with the engine, hopefully to get things right.

    taking the flathead out


    Preparing the chassis for painting

    October 2010 Working on the chassis and starting to do some woodwork. Just red oxide primer on the chassis in places, this will be powder coated further on.

    preparing the chassis for painting

    preparing the chassis for painting


    The French Flathead :- It is now August 2011 and this is a picture of a French Flathead. This engine will be converted to a car specification the same as a Ford Mercury at 4.3ltr and retain the Allard 9″ clutch. The original French Flathead clutch was an 11″ because this engine was used in a truck.

    the French flathead (out of a truck)


    The French Flathead in chassis :- Feb 2012 Work on the French Flathead had been completed and it was time for it to go in the chassis together with a rebuilt gearbox, steady as you go.

    the finished French Flathead

    Finished French flathead in situ

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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