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    Hi all, has anyone on our forum had there brake cylinders re-sleeved and how did you get on with them being done. The reason for asking is one of my rear cylinders has started leaking. They were all new and fitted about 7 years ago, they have not been used on the road only standing in garage. Did you have all stainless parts fitted or just the sleeve and use the original piston/seal. Not sure what to think about this problem do these cylinders all ways end up leaking eventually ?. One other question, after the conversion is the piston cylinder the same size as the original or is it smaller because of the new sleeve. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.

    Kind regards, Charles Gough

    Ben Stevens

    for what it’s worth… all mine were seized and after a bit of research online I concluded that it was pretty much the same price (if not a bit cheaper) to re-sleeve as it was to replace them.  Also a few forum posts I read said that there was no benefit to having stainless sleeves, which contributed to me decision.

    Happy to be corrected on this, even if it is too late for me!

    Ron Dowle

    Interesting problem, I am just about to have mine rebuilt. Stripped the rears down last week and found more brake fluid on the drums than in the system. Are your  Phase 1 or Phase 2 ?



    Hello Ron,Steve

    I have phase 2 brakes. From what I can gather I think its just the way the handbrake system works on the rear cylinders. Are your cylinder pistons made of stainless steel or plated. I shall take mine off today and check to see whats up. I will post a picture later, I hope its not corrosion. Thanks for the replies.

    Kind regards, Charles


    Hello Charles,
    It has been a while, and I don’t know if your questions have been answered, but if not, we would need to know if the rear cylinder is “phase 1”, as fitted to my 1948 K1, of which I have, frustratingly, some experience. This is the type which has the handbrake cable in-line with the cylinder and the so-called bisector component.
    Neil Jackson.



    Hello Neil

    Sorry for the late reply, my brakes are phase two with a cable attached to an arm on the cylinder. it appears there is a slight weep from the cylinder itself, maybe its new seals or replacement shall let you know, kind regards

    Charles Gough

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