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    I noticed this Allard special on Ebay. Do you think it’s just a cleanout of someone’s garage or do you think it’s a real special?

    I don’t think a link will work but search under this heading and you should be able to find the listing; 1952 Allard Special race car J2X lemans K2 Chassis vintage hotrodallard special


    Geoff Pinch

    Hi Robert, I think chucking “race car J2X lemans K2” into the title is click bait. It’s not easy to tell what on the chassis hasn’t been changed, so hard to interpret exactly. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will tell us.

    Observations would be: the front cross member has been replaced; front axle beams have spring pans that look original so could be P but I guess could be K2; telescopic damper towers suggest P but could be K2; engine mount look like P (and M which it is unlikely to be because of damper towers); the front radius arm mountings have been removed with a lash up side mounted rose jointed rod (strikes fear but then I’m no racer!); king pins do not have top suitable for mounting to bottom of damper; no rear mounting holes for lever arm shocks on either side but these could have been welded up, both P and K2 have lever arms (although some were provided with telescopics I understand); the welding of the boxing inside chassis, forward of the rear cross member is intermittent which we’ve seen on many Allard chassis; the brake pipe clip on the drivers side rear chassis kick-up is Allard; rear radius arms have been adapted to fit new axle and front mounting likely to have been adapted; rear-most cross member has been removed.

    I’m sure there are many other observations that could be made by others more knowledgeable than me. If it had proven race provenance I guess it might be worth a bit but in pure parts terms or even likelihood of getting it functioning as a race car it seems a stretch at $15k. Now we’ll probably discover it’s a famous race chassis and I’ll look stupid….. If it were in the UK advertised as is, I’d think it might get interest at £150 but £15,000 might be a stretch. There are few obvious pieces of value left to salvage, but I guess if you had a rusty chassis you could find some repair sections. The “lightened” cruciform could definitely be patched and made whole again.






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    Thanks for the keen observations Geoff,

    I’m still new to the Allard community so just wanted to see if anyone had a memory of the car. I’d have to agree with you though… Without a glorious history, the project will likely stay stalled with the current asking price so high.

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