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    Ben Stevens

    On the social zoom call the other night (which I thoroughly enjoyed, thank you everyone!) someone – Darell maybe – mentioned 6 bladed vs 4 bladed fans, and potential issues with these.

    I was convinced I had a 4 blade fan, but it turns out my observational / counting skills are not what I thought… it actually has 6 blades.

    My inclination is to change it for a 4 since I’ll definitely be fitting the Kenlowe fan I’ve been given, and the 6 blades make it almost impossible to access the points.

    Were I to fit electronic ignition – which I probably will – then I’m guessing I won’t need such frequent access, but I’m interested to hear others’ opinions on all of the above!

    Darell Allard


    I know I am a bit late with this reply. My experience has been with the 6 blade fans and I have not suffered over heating which leads on to having a good radiator. Going back through service records fromthe factory quite a lot of cars came in to have the 4 blade fans replaced for 6.

    Electronic ignition is best.

    Ben Stevens

    Ben, I would leave the 6 blade fan alone until you have the car in regular use.If it didn’t have an electric fan prior to now, there is no great reason to fit one unless you intend spending a lot of time in hot traffic and the car struggles.If this turns out to be the case, you’ll find yourself fitting the 6 blade fan back on. Access to the points is not that bad esp. if you intend fitting electronic ignition. Far better to fit an unobtrusive electric fuel pump, which will eliminate the churning of the starter to get the fuel up to the mechanical pump.Also will help greatly in overcoming fuel vapourisation in warm conditions.



    Michael Knapman


    The P1 has lots of space around the engine and air can exit under the frontĀ  wings so P1s don’t tend to suffer so badly with overheating, in fact when I had a P1 on the road I could manage without a fanĀ  most of the time. The exception was when returning home to London in heavy traffic. Then I would fit the fan belt on loosely and although it slipped it sufficed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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