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      Tim WilsonTim Wilson

      I’m a cheapskate, so l wouldn’t want to spend more than about £80-100 on a tyre. At present l’m running on 185/75/16 radials, and altho they provide good grip, my Special looks a little under-tyred, with bigger gaps under the mud-guards than l’d like; the previous 6.00×16 cross-plies that it came with are quite a bit taller and made the Special better proportioned. Only snag was that the car was all over the place with them… yep, l had a few moments on the A1, early on😆.

      So, folks, what are your recommendations, size-wise?

      Thanks, in advance,



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      John AldridgeJohn Aldridge

      I purchased  Bridgestone 205/80TR16 (plus tubes) 15 years ago and they have covered 15,000 miles very satisfactorily. THey have the high profile of the previous set of Michelin cross plies so the gearing is a maximum for fuel economy. The cost in 2005 was £65 per corner. Prices will have gone up and no doubt the nomenclature has changed. Some say the tyres were a tad agricultural and would make more road noise! So?

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      james smithjames smith


      I use 195/75/16 on the J1 and I find them very good.

      When I got the car it had Dunlop RS cross plys 600/16 and I had violent wheel wobble despite being balanced.

      The new ones are very good and smooth and give good grip at track days and up Prescott and the handling us very predictable. Buying £250 Blockleys seems a compete waste fot the use I gave the car.

      On the L Type I have been using 185/75/16 Bridgestone’s for many years now and they have suited the car well despite looking a little under tyred. I can live with that.



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      david Moseleydavid Moseley

      I hesitate to say it James but those will be van tyres. When you think that tyres will last you ten years at least on a low mileage and that it is the only contact you have with the road economizing on tyres makes no sense to me.In relation to the money you spend on your car buying a decent tyre is  not that expensive – over the life of the Tyre, probably a tank of petrol per tyre.

      So Blockley 185 R16 seem to me a good choice and will look right on the car.


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      Tim WilsonTim Wilson

      Thanks for the answers, ideas and suggestions, chaps; most useful. I’ll get back when l’ve trawled the suppliers a bit more.

      Any pictures of your cars’ boots would be much appreciated. 😊


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      Ron DowleRon Dowle

      Tim, try talking to Douglas Cawley at Longstone classic tyres. Not only is he a supplier, he drives and races our types of car.  He can advise best spec to your requirements and pricing. Ron

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