1958-59 Allard GT Coupe

Allard Palm Beach MKII & GT Coupe

Years of Manufacture: 1956/59
Numbers produced: 8

There were 8 Palm Beach Mk2’s produced, two of which were hardtop GT’s. The first of these produced was Sydney Allard’s own car fitted with a 3.4L 6 cylinder Jaguar engine. The second model was commissioned by a US customer with a full race Chrysler engine and automatic gearbox. Both GT cars survive today, the Jaguar engined car in the UK, and the Chrysler engined version is still campaigned competitively in US historic racing.

Wheelbase: 96 inches
Track Front: 52 inches
Track Rear: 51 inches
Overall length: 13 ft 6 inches
Width: 5ft 3 inches
Weight (with Jaguar engine): 25.5 cwt
Suspension Front: McPherson type with laminated torsion bars
Suspension Rear: De Dion with coils