Welcome to the Allard Owners Club.
The Club was founded in 1951 by Sydney Allard. Its object is ‘the furtherance of social and sporting activities in the interest of motoring and in the Allard marque in particular’. You don’t have to own an Allard to join – you just need to have an interest in them. For those who at this point know little about The Allard Motor Company, the following excerpt from a John Bolster article puts you in the passenger seat beside Sydney Allard while test driving his latest model.

“I shall always remember his taking me for a ride in his new saloon. The carburettors spat jets of flame and the huge american V8 seemed to be trying to tear itself free, while a series of terrifying explosions rent the air on the over-run. The doors flapped and tried to escape their latches, while on corners the front wheels performed indescribable antics. It was a stupendous experience, but perhaps one that was not quite what the purchaser of a big luxury car would be expecting…”  c.1950. ‘The Motor’.

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